Standard Services

The company operates from its base in Skipton North Yorkshire, for travel to appointments within a 30 mile radius of its base there is no fee, however for every 10 miles (or part thereof) above 30 miles from Skipton a reasonable £10 charge is made to cover the additional transport costs for each appointment attendance.


Basic Will                                         £120 each

Will with Guardianship                     £130 each

This is for the person or couple that have children under the age of 18 that need to appoint Guardians and make some trust provisions for what happens to an Inheritance for minors.


Will Trust                                          £150 each

This is for a person or couple that wish to include a Property Protection Trust or a Discretionary Trust in the Will(s).  Especially useful for families with children by previous relationships or where there are young or vulnerable beneficiaries.  For a couple, this would require the property to be held as ‘Joint Tenants in Common’ where the legal severance of ‘Joint Tenancy’ would be required.

Severance of Joint Tenancy            £50 per property       £25 per additional property


Lasting Powers of Attorney

LPA, Property and Financial affairs £250 each

LPA Health and Welfare                  £250 each

LPA Package P&A and H&W          £400 per person (saving of £100 per person)

Advanced Directive                         £25

An Advanced Directive should accompany an LPA for Health and Welfare if the donor is making their attorneys responsible for making Life Sustaining Treatment decisions.  It provides both Attorney’s and medical professional’s clear instructions as to how the donor would wish to proceed if they had the capacity to make that decision themselves.

OPG Fee                                         £82 per document

LPA’s are vitally important and powerful documents, appointing another person or people to act on behalf of the (Donor), if they ever lose mental capacity.  The fee is the registration admin fee payable to the Office of the Public Guardian.  These documents have to be registered before they can be used as intended.

Family Protection Package             Single £500 - Couple £1,000 

This package consists of a Will Trust, LPA P&A, LPA H&W and an Advanced Directive

(a saving of £75)

For a couple, this package also includes Severance of Joint Tenancy

(a saving of £200)


Please note that LPA Registration fees are additional as some clients may be either exempt or eligible to apply for 50% Remission on the registration fee per document.

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