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The Family Protection Package

This package of products has been designed by Steve Law Estate Planning to provide an optimum level of protection for most families, both whilst you are still alive and after you die.  Here is a brief guide as to what it includes and how it works! The suitability of this plan will depend on your individual circumstances.


The Package consists of:


1   2 individual bespoke Wills, written in plain language, where you appoint your own trusted executors to carry out your wishes after your death where you appoint them (a maximum of 4 executors) to pay any debts or taxes, prove your estate by completing any required tax return and complete a Probate application (where required).  Your chosen executors also manage your estate for any child beneficiaries (under age 18 ) until they can legally inherit (18 and above) and to then distribute your estate in accordance with your wishes.  


This could also include appointing Guardian(s) if you have children under age 18.


This would typically include a suitable Trust in each Will where your executors would normally be the Trustees of the Trust once it’s established.


 A ‘Letter of Wishes’ for each partner to accompany each will ; this letter allows you to list the personal items that you wish to leave to certain individuals of your choice and helps avoid the need to keep re-writing your Will if these choices change.  You can revise this letter at your own discretion.


3   Severance of Tenancy:  A completed application to Her Majesty’s Land Registry (HMLR) to change the way you own your home from ‘Joint Tenants’ to ‘Tenants in Common’.


This change to your property ownership offers significant degrees of protection to your property from:


  • Sideways Disinheritance, where your chosen beneficiaries could be disinherited.

  • Care Fee Assessment on your whole property.

  • Acquisition of your inherited estate by creditors.

  • Challenges to your will

  • Inherited IHT concerns


 2 Lasting Powers of Attorney for each partner (one for Property and Financial Affairs and one for Health and Welfare) This allows you to appoint the people that you trust to make the decisions in the way you want them to be made in the areas of Financial Affairs and Health & Welfare that you would normally make but due to ill health or loss of Mental Capacity you can no longer make. 


LPA Registration fees (normally £82 per LPA) are separate from this and are charged according to your individual circumstances.


5   2 individual Advance Directives/Living Wills, this document gives guidance to your chosen trusted Attorneys when considering suspending or continuing Life-Sustaining Treatment under the LPA for Health & Welfare, It can only be used if you have lost the capacity to make those decisions yourself. 


The Advance Directive takes away much of the trauma placed on your Attorneys when considering if such a decision is in your interest as this is your instruction to them in how to make any such decision as this is what you want to happen and where you have created this guidance whilst you retain your mental capacity.



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