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Will Writing


We should all have at least a basic will, It is far better than depending upon the Rules Of Intestacy which is the Will the government allocates to anyone who has not made their own bespoke Will.  A basic Will often causes more problems than it would ever anticipate.  We need a Will that addresses more than just the basic issues such as appointing guardians for our children, protecting the family home from means-tested assessment, gifting to charity, setting up trusts, or even excluding someone!  The list goes on.

This is where individual Wills created, following qualified and experienced advice are essential.  Buying a Will 'off the shelf' or 'doing it yourself' without such qualified, experienced advice is so dangerous.

Sadly many people see a Will as a straight forward basic document that purely says such as "All to my wife and then all to my kids" without considering the issues and major concerns that such a Will creates!  My focus is on making sure that my clients are aware of the consequences of such a Will, where a Beneficiary can either lose his/her inheritance or it could severely harm them.

I am a huge believer in the use of Trusts within a Will to protect a beneficiary's inheritance for them and to protect that beneficiary from being adversely affected by such an inheritance.  Trusts are really quite simple and hugely beneficial, I have 2 in my Will, 1 to protect my property and 1 to protect the residue of my estate!

Each Will is unique, some may mirror their partner's will if they share the same goals. Most, however, will be entirely different as each is based on an individual's own needs, wishes, and unique situation.
We provide a bespoke Will Writing service that ensures that on death, your wishes will come to fruition.  Our free advice service is there to help you find out what issues could affect both you and the beneficiaries of your Will, and then address them.
We operate a 3 yearly review service to ensure as much as we can that your Will continues to meet your ever-changing and ongoing needs.  Isn't it time that you made (or reviewed) yours? 


“Steve set up our wills and our Lasting Powers of Attorney saved me loads of money”.


— Linda, Ilkley

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