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What if I don't have a Will?


The Government has kindly laid out your Will for you and this is it below! If this doesn't provide you with the features and benefits that you were hoping for, then you would need to create your own bespoke solution.  
THE RULES OF INTESTACY – EXPLAINED If you die intestate (without a valid will), your personal representatives will have to distribute your estate according to the laws of intestacy. This could mean that your estate doesn’t go to the person(s) you would have wanted it to.
What if one of the beneficiaries of this intestacy lacks their own mental capacity, are in serious debt with creditors chasing them, are unduly influenced by others, on benefits, drink/drug dependant, bankrupt, or even going through a Divorce? 
How can you help make sure your life cover goes to the right person? Make sure the right people inherit! and at the right time for them! You can help avoid the risk of dying intestate by understanding the benefits of having an up-to-date and bespoke Will.
Steve can offer you a bespoke and professional service, which caters to the needs of you and your beneficiary(s).

These are the rules of intestacy



“Steve set up our wills and our Lasting Powers of Attorney saved me loads of money”.


— Linda, Ilkley

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