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Probate Assist Service


This service offers:

  • Free initial consultation in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

  • Free assessment of the work required on the deceased’s estate.  An estate may be found to be too complex for this Probate Assist Service, in which case an alternative appropriate legal service would be recommended, usually with a trusted local or National Solicitor.

  • Free guidance and advice on the next steps, obtaining the required documents of the estate i.e. death certificate, monetary values for any property or other assets.

  • Production of the required documentation to enable the correct and appropriate Tax Return and Probate Application papers (these vary due to the estate complexity and value) to be submitted.

  • Personal ‘Face to Face’ assistance and advice with obtaining the required information and completing the required documentation. Telephone assistance if requested or due to distance/location.

  • Assistance and advice on any required Land Registry form completion.

  • The executor remains fully in control of the process.


Why this ‘Probate Assist Service’ may be of benefit to the executor! – Cost!


Typically, solicitors would charge either a negotiated Fixed Fee plus disbursements or a fixed percentage of an estate

plus VAT @ 20% to apply for probate for an Executor or Legal Representative of an estate.

These fees vary with each Solicitors firm and the market is quite competitive due to the (lucrative for them) nature of this work

  • Fixed Fees can range from £495 plus VAT @20% for the very basic of estates to £0000s and this cost could well be added to if other complexities with the estate are found during the estate accumulation process.​

  • Percentages charged also vary greatly and range from 1.5% to over 7% of an estate! plus VAT @ 20%.


So, applying for probate via a Solicitor on a percentage basis of 2% on a typical estate of £300,000 including a basic property, some personal possessions and money in various accounts could easily cost upwards of £6,000 (2% of £300,000).


That’s £6,000 plus VAT of 20% (£1,200) = £7,200 less inheritance for the beneficiaries of the estate.

Its often a fact that an executor has very little knowledge initially of the actual value of a deceased persons estate, its also common for an executor to simply hand over control to a Solicitor as they do not wish to do it themselves for whatever reason.  This can result in a drastic and unnecessary reduction in the eventual inheritance to a deceased person’s designated beneficiaries!

There is also the fact that an executor who tries to do probate themselves is legally responsible for their lifetime for the accuracy and legality of this role of executor and all it entails.  So often genuine but avoidable mistakes are made, there are also examples of executors who use this opportunity for their own financial gain.


These mistakes or transgressions can have severe financial consequences on the executors own personal finances if the mistakes are found or Theft/Fraud is identified and proven.

Fixed Cost of the Probate Assist Service is £395

and no VAT!

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